Back the Blue Proclamation Supports Police

Albany County Republican legislators created and circulated a legislative proclamation recognizing law enforcement officers in the county and nationwide who have demonstrated a lawful and devoted commitment to the communities they serve. All nine Republicans and 17 of 30 Democrats in the legislature signed the proclamation.

George Floyd's troubling death has ignited a national debate about law enforcement practices. But local legislators believe an overwhelming number of police rightfully do their duty and risk their lives each day to uphold the law, earning our respect and support.

Albany County Legislature Proclamation

Whereas, Law enforcement officers in Albany County and across the nation demonstrate an unwavering determination to uphold the law and maintain public safety, and
Whereas, These men and women selflessly risk their lives each day, while safeguarding our communities and preserving our rights and freedoms, and
Whereas, Our officers in blue often don’t receive enough appreciation or respect for performing such lifethreatening task, yet in the fact of widespread scrutiny and adversity, they continue to answer the call to perform their duties and address the actions of those who impede on our legal system, and
Whereas, It’s important for all Americans to understand and appreciate the duties, challenges and sacrifices of our law enforcement officers, and
Whereas, Support from our residents will strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and provide much-needed reassurance to officers facing dangerous and uncertain situations that they will be backed by the public, and
Whereas, The Albany County Sheriff’s Department consists of over 700 employees which serve more than 300,000 residents spanning over an area of approximately 540 square miles. This department led by Sheriff Craig Apple sets the standard for law enforcement in New York State, and
Whereas, These law enforcement officers are placed in unique and difficult situations each day involving those in our society who are most in need of help such as homeless individuals, drug addicts and those suffering with a mental illness, and
Whereas, We must do our part as a community to provide all people with an understanding of what sworn law enforcement officers do and further educate and equip law enforcement agencies with the funding and resources they need to effectively perform their duties, now, therefore be it
Resolved, That the undersigned members of the Albany County Legislature are pleased to ‘Back the Blue’ and take great pride in recognizing officers from the Albany County Sheriff’s Department and all local law enforcement agencies within Albany County, as well as those throughout our great state and country who have exhibited a fervent and lawful devotion to the communities they serve.

In witness thereof, we have hereunto set our hands and caused the seal of the County Legislature of Albany County to be affixed on this 1st day of August, 2020.

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