Mark Grimm


Supreme Court Must End Dinosaur

Oral arguments on the constitutionality of gay marriage will be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow….and you won’t see a word of it.¬†Only the people standing in line for days will get one of the seats inside. If they are lucky.

The Court still bans cameras in court, an archaic practice for a body that has made numerous decisions supporting the First Amendment. They present no credible reason for keeping the public shut out.

Reason 1:
They claim brief soundbites could present things out of context.
All the more reason to allow unfettered access by the public to the whole event.

Reason 2:
Justices would loose their relative anonymity.
Sorry, but getting asked for an autograph at lunch is not enough of a reason to ban America from watching its top court’s proceedings.

Reason 3:
The cameras would disrupt the “etiquette” of the court.
Get over yourselves.

Some of the most difficult issues of our time are settled in the Supreme Court and we should be able to watch every bit of the debate. Indeed, the high court should be encouraging such interest, not preventing it.

Get your federal lawmakers to pump in some sunshine.

The writer is a former news reporter who covered many courts and is a lifelong First Amendment advocate.