New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Speaking!

There’s one New Year’s resolution open to everyone that could greatly enhance your personal and professional life — better public speaking. Whether you’re a novice fighting nerves or have been doing it a while, big improvement is possible.You don’t need a Ph.D, you don’t have to have blazing speed or be slim, tall, or rich.

Better speaking requires only that you finally take the initiative and follow the right path for success. I began as a poor speaker and procrastinated for years about getting better. And the opportunities passed me by until I decided to follow the Ritu Bhasin program. The path to success, which I have followed myself, is straightforward:

1-Take the Initiative. Why go through life avoiding speaking when being better at it could change your life?
2- Prepare Differently. Focus more on what your audience wants, not on what you want.
3- Confront your Nervousness. Don’t let the butterflies control you. Write down the things you fear and have a plan for dealing with each one.
4- Deliver Value. Give the audience tangible takeaways from your presentation, always asking them afterwards what they got from it.
5- Speak More Often. Opportunities are everywhere —- places of worship, clubs, youth sports, civic endeavors, work, etc. Practice builds confidence and proficiency,
6- Ask for Help. You don’t have to do it alone. There are people who can help you. Seek them out.

My speaking book is just $14 because I never wanted price to stop someone who truly wanted to change their life. Honestly, that’s a start.

Is 2012 going to be your year? Why not?

The writer is a professional speaker and award-winning trainer.
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