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Carman Road Roundabouts Update, April 15th, 2022

Construction on two new roundabouts on Carman Road is expected to take place in 2022.

The vacant Nedco Pharmacy has been demolished as part of the state DOT’s construction of the new roundabout at Carman Road and Lydius Street.

The supervisor reports the empty lot will be a staging area for construction, which likely will not start at this roundabout until late July. DOT will also place electronic message signs that, starting in April, 2022, will reduce the speed in the construction zone to 30 mph.

Construction of the new roundabout at Carman Road and the Interstate entrance (near Dunkin Donuts) will start in April before constuction begins on the Carman-Lydius roundabout.

DOT has provided a map and description of detour routes for the Interstate roundabout. Keep in mind, the work schedule is dependent on future good weather.

I first contacted the state more than a decade ago to push for the roundabout and was told it was not suitable for the location from an engineering and topography standpoint. Fortunately, that position has changed. I know many of you (myself as well) have had to sit through too many red lights waiting for a chance to turn at the Carman and Lydius intersection. Many Fort Hunter residents spoke up at a public hearing the state held on the project and your input on the need for a second roundabout to handle the increased flow of traffic from the first roundabout was heard and adopted.

There will be some disruption in traffic, but it is expected traffic flow will continue throughout the entire day. The Town does provide updates on temporary road conditions, so I strongly urge you to sign up for notices by text on Nixle, a free platform for breaking town news. I’ll monitor the project’s progress and pass along needed updates. My thanks to everyone who has a hand in making this happen.