What Would You Put On Your Gravestone? That’s Your Brand.

What people think of you is your brand. Do you know what yours is? Are you sure?

Your “brand,” your reputation, needs to be carefully cultivated, especially considering your livelihood may depend on it. Prominent career counselor Dr. Tom Denham asks individuals to write down what they think should go on their own tombstone. This clever idea forces the introspection needed to confront fundamental questions that require clear answers: What are the things you value most and how does your life and work reflect those values?

Achieving such clarity is not a simple task. Simplicity is not simple. We must come to grips with what truly motivates us and also be aware of what others think. Brands are developed one statement or act at a time over hundreds of such statements and actions.

Time for each of us to produce the bottom line. I’ll go first. Here’s what I’d put on my gravestone:

He put family first
Helped others create a better life
Fought for justice
Had zest for life
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OK, maybe the last line was a joke. But the rest is no laughing matter. What would you put on your gravestone? Try it today and ask others what they would write about you on your gravestone.

Mark Grimm is a clarity expert. If you need help in formulating any business message, be sure to contact him.