How to Look Good in a Photo: You Can Do It!

Some people hate to be photographed. You may be one of them. But with smart phones,”digital everythings” and social media, there’s no longer a way to avoid it.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. First off, let’s get a grip. With the possible exception of Kate Middleton and a few others, we all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to looks. So that leads us to step one: Highlight your good points, minimize your weaker ones.

2- Your expression makes the photo work. Be as natural as you can be under the circumstances. If you need to, think of something else that puts your mind in a particular place.

3- Don’t look straight into the camera like a mug shot. Angle your body to give the shot some dimension. Tilt your chin.

4- Give yourself many photos to choose from. With digital cameras, there’s no excuse these days not to do this.

5- Everybody falls into a winter, fall, summer, or spring category on complexion. Know what yours is and wear colors that work well. I’m a classic winter (dark hair, light complexion) so sharp contrast (black and white) works well, pastels do not.

6- Check your appearance first. Little distractions are easily fixed.

Of course, make-up is helpful but good photographs can be taken without it. Think of a photo as a moment in time rather than a fixed arrangement.

And, of course, smile. It’s an “inexpensive way to change your looks (1).”

The writer is a former TV anchor who does on-camera performing and print modeling.