Be Valentine’s Day Star: Flowers Wilt, Notes Last

Valentine’s Day is a great chance to show what that special person means to you. Christmas has presents for the kids. Thanksgiving is consumed with food and family gatherings. Valentine’s Day is “show time” for lovers. Make the most of it.

ValentineDayTry something different this year. Write a personal note that is both specific and revealing. If you need a hand getting started, maybe this will help:

1- Jot down the things you love most about your partner. Make a list.
2- Think of specific examples that reflect those traits
3- Locate a photo or two that represents the examples
4- Create a brief outline that tells this special story
5- Start writing

You don’t have to be Hemingway. A little editing here, a little polishing there, and you will have something that will be memorable.

You have the time. How much of it have you spent on social media lately? Give it a break for a moment and pause for something that matters a lot.

Flowers last a week. Candy is loaded with fat. The right note can be an enduring treasure. Go for it!

The writer runs a communications business and has the good fortune of having the best wife and daughter any man could hope for.