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Cutting Edge Twitter Insights for PR & Politics

“Twitter is the new AP news wire.” — Andrew Mangini

That conclusion from a savvy communications director for a NY State Senator speaks volumes on how important Twitter has become for reaching and interacting with media.

Mangini (second from left) took part in a PRSA panel on social media and politics moderated by a TV reporter, YNN’s Nick Reisman (far left).







Zack Hutchins
(second from right), a New Media Director runs a Senate Majority Twitter account on what’s happening in the state legislature. He said it picked up 4,000 Twitter followers in one day at the height of the same sex marriage debate in the legislature. We literally were getting “hundreds of tweets per second,” Hutchins said. He advised the way to get Twitter followers was “to provide a service you can’t get anywhere else.”

All emphasized mistakes made on Twitter are hard to retract because simply deleting a post doesn’t remove it from where it has been re-tweeted to.  Andrew Gregory, responsible for the Unshackle NY Twitter account, highlighted the importance of good proofreading, “You should measure twice and cut once,” and play close attention to message discipline.

Repetition is needed, too, given the volume involved in the Twitter universe. “Don’t be afraid to tweet the same thing over the course of the day,” said Hutchins.

Reisman said he gets between 400-500 emails a day and relies on Twitter to keep up to date. “You have to grab my attention.”

As for managing the volume of social media, Mangini says “take advantage of Twitter lists.” Hutchins recommends using to narrow in on the subjects and people that interests you most.

The writer is a communications and political consultant and former TV anchor.





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