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Is Michelle Obama A Presidential Contender?

Is it possible the Obama hold on the White House won’t end in 2016?

Michelle Obama’s high-profile appearance at the Oscars adds fuel to speculation the Obama team would like to stay right where it is come 2016. It wasn’t easy to arrange the Oscar exposure and, in politics, very few things occur without some ulterior motive. The appearance follows the First Lady’s “mom dancing” with Jimmy Fallon. The traditional media elites went gaga over it and circulated the video like they were getting a commission for each play.

I’m not the first to raise the issue. Actor Samuel L. Jackson stirred the pot with remarks that labeled her “superwoman,” insisting she could do it. Even Forbes magazine speculated about this¬†following her Democrat National Convention speech.

The First Lady denies such interest but that’s standard operating procedure for someone in her position. What political leaders hate most is giving up power and you can bet few in the Obama White House are looking forward to it. Michelle Obama has high name ID, strong approval ratings and a large, sophisticated political operation in place. And a spouse who has been through it all. That’s quite a start for anyone. Remember, too, the wife of the last Democrat president did run for president.

There’s no doubt in my mind the Obama team is at least interested in taking the idea out for a test drive. In fact, the ride has already begun.

What do you think?

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