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Morgan-O’Donnell and TV Interview Etiquette

When former U-S Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell abruptly ended her interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, it sparked debate over the media treatment of political candidates. That ongoing debate is a needed one. Media bias is real and every viewer and reader should take that into account as consumers of information.

However, this exchange wasn’t even a close call. O’Donnell acted immaturely by claiming Morgan was a “little rude” because he insisted on asking about gay marraige and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Those are substantive issues and O’Donnell is a political figure promoting her book on her political past. Amid all the hype and fluff in cable news, these questions should be applauded.

Morgan was actually quite¬†polite considering the predicament. He even said O’Donnell wrote “a good book” at the end of the interview.

Ms. O’Donnell is a courageous woman for standing up for her beliefs. That’s not easy. But she needs to grow up. She is in desparate need of mature mentoring and it doesn’t appear she is getting it.

Morgan seemed genuinely perplexed by O’Donnell’s reaction. He had good reason to be. He did nothing wrong.

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