Mark Grimm


Obama Inauguration Speech: Reaganism Is Dead

Though couched in eloquent language involving American ideals, President Obama’s inauguration speech made one thing clear: he believes Reaganism is dead.

Inauguration speeches are about defining America’s greatness and the president believes his “liberal” or “progressive” agenda (depending on your point of view) is what makes America great. Big government is the answer, not the problem.

Reading between the lines, he sent a hands-off message on Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, called for more government spending on highways and rails, plugged government business regulation, called for government-imposed pay scales, opposed voter ID and wants to allow citizenship for at least some of those here illegally.

The word “taxpayer” is never mentioned. Not once. Any time climate change gets more attention than taxpayers, a line in the sand is being drawn.

Though he is the 51% president, there was little in the speech that was really conciliatory. The president has decided he is going to fight it out in is second term. His inauguration speech makes that clear.

One other point: in an 18-minute speech, President Obama mentions God seven times. The notion that the Constitution requires us to be a godless nation has been debunked again. Our nation stands for the freedom of religion, not the absence of it.