Mark Grimm


How to Warm Up Your Cold Calls

Cold calls don’t have to be root canals. If done well, they lead to great things — business for you, help for clients. “Cold-calling success is dependent on attitude,” says sales mentor Pat Cavanaugh. View it as a challenge, he says, not as having the flu.

Do some homework first about the company and the people there because finding some common ground is always helpful. Have a specific plan, a script, ahead of time that guides you through. Be natural, but be prepared. You should scour the internet for articles that talk about all sorts of customer engagement strategies like this site.

Drop the trite “How are you today?” line. That sets off the “salesperson alarm” to the recipient. The “King of Cold Calls,” Chuck Piola, usually opens with, “I wonder if you could help me out?” For person-to-person especially, Piola says “people have to buy you before they buy the product. It helps a lot if you look successful!”

Sales authority Keith Rosen offers a sample script for breaking the ice. Rosen emphasizes, know the two compelling reasons that set you apart.

Prominent Albany, NY sales coach Lorraine Ferguson recommends calling your own phone to practice your open. “Open like you are talking to your best friend,” she says, and “try to find their pain.”

The goal is always to get an appointment so be assertive about setting one. As for the final rationale for doing cold calls, Piola puts it best, “You have to at least get up to bat.”

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