Mark Grimm


Six Brief Tips To Sharpen Your Elevator Speech

Though the term “elevator speech” sounds a little canned, everyone in business or with a cause needs a good one. Most could be improved.

Capturing someone’s attention is a greater challenge than ever before, so the first impression you make with your 30 or 60-second introduction could be strengthened with these principles:

1- Avoid Auto Pilot
So many use the same canned phrases over and over again. Focus more on being genuine than being clever.

2- Probe and Listen First If You Can
Find the “pain” in the recipient’s career. What would they like to fix? Then, tailor your speech to how you can help them.

3- Talk about Benefits, not Titles or Duties
Describe tangible things you deliver that matter to others, not to you.

4- Avoid Bureaucratic Speech
Use plain language that is simple and precise.

5- Give Compelling Examples of how you’ve helped others
Here’s one example I received: “Your seminar and book gave me the positive attitude I needed. It felt GREAT to overcome my fear and I have you and your book to thank for it!”

6- Be Passionate About What You Do
It’s contagious. Bill Gates once said, “The thing I do best is share my enthusiasm.”

Try these out. You may be surprised by the reaction you get.

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