Mark Grimm


Social Media & the Tech/Communication Marriage

Tech guru Jim Spellos with Mark Grimm at MPI event

You’ve heard the old expression, “Can’t live with him, can’t live without him.” That pretty much sums up where technology and communication are right now when it comes to social media.

Tech guru Jim Spellos gave an Albany presentation February 14th at a Meeting Professionals International forum. Jim rightly said the question is no longer whether you should be using social media, but rather how you use it. Managing the “information overload” is where our focus should be.

All the gadgets in the world won’t help much if you cannot produce good content. In other words, you have to be interesting. That’s a skill. Everyone on Facebook is now a publisher, yet few have been trained well in the art of producing compelling clarity that is relevant to the audience. This “Clarity Gap” presents an enormous communication challenge with the explosion of information we now produce and consume.

On the other hand, great content, and the engaging conversation it can provoke, will be buried under the social media avalanche without an effective plan for its circulation.

What’s the answer? Try not to feel overwhelmed and choose the options that fit your needs. One step at a time. Spellos had dozens of options, one included using hashtags to locate Twitter topics you find most relevant to you, another was to visit to create a personalized magazine for your mobile device. On the content side, ask yourself, “Why would someone care about what I am about to post.” You can find a lot more clarity tips in my book.

Just like any long-term relationship, the technology and communication marriage will require patience, a greater sensitivity to each’s needs, and a willingness to grow together. And yes, the relationship will have something to do with how fulfilling your life is.

What suggestions do you have for the marriage?

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