Mark Grimm


Mitt’s $10,000 Mistake: Ammunition for the Class Warfare Crowd

GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney offered to bet opponent Gov. Rick Perry $10,000 over a dispute involving Romney’s book. Who makes $10,000 bets? This debate moment will be rerun a thousand times by Obama loyalists who are counting on class warfare to re-elect the president.

In the midst of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Romney is vulnerable on the “Fat Cat” issue because of his wealth. The size of the bet makes Romney appear out of touch with working Americans, many of whom spend three months trying to earn that much. The fact Romney didn’t see that is a blind spot he must address…soon.

Substantively, of course, Romney’s experience and his plans to fix the economy so working people can actually find good jobs should carry far more weight in the battle for the presidency. And Obama’s class warfare strategy is due to the problem his record of high unemployment and runaway debt cannot really be defended. But debate moments matter —- like Gore’s sighs, Bush 41 checking his watch, and Rick Lazio invading Hillary’s space. Romney has to respond by showing “he gets it.”

Any bets he can do it successfully?

The writer is a political consultant, elected official, and public speaking coach.

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