Mark Grimm


Cut “Umms” and “You Knows” from Your Speaking

Umm, I want to write today, you know, about how to reduce, ahh, the unnecessary words in our speaking.

Like, nearly all of us are, like, guilty of some use of these pesky words that add nothing to theĀ message. Their overuse can, like, really drive listeners crazy. Let’s try to fix this.

First, tape yourself speaking. You’ll be surprised how you sound and become more conscious of the unneeded words. Awareness is really a key. Most people don’t even realize they are doing it.

Second, have a friendĀ or family member hit a bell or tap a glass every time you say one of the words.This is a wonderful exercise and the more you do it the better your chances of reducing the clutter.

Third, recognize silence is OK. People feel they have to fill every moment with chatter so pauses are often filled with umms and you knows. Pace yourself and be more comfortable with a little dead air.

Please try these out and let me know how you do. I think they’ll, like, really help, you know, with your speaking.

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