"Training for Life"

"Mark’s training goes beyond helpful pointers. He works with you to develop a system for improved speaking I will use the rest of my life." – Jack Shellard, Founder/Yankee Business Solutions

"Enormous Asset"

"Mark understands media as well as anyone. His insights on today’s environment and what the future will bring are an enormous asset."
-- John Kelly, NY State Broadcasters' Hall of Famer

"Fantastic Presentation"

"Mark, the reaction to your presentation was fantastic! Your insightful comments were right on target." -- Dr. Ross Thomson, Networking Event Chair

Mark's Presentations Topics

Get the Media to Notice You: Inside Tips from the TV Anchor

A former TV news anchor/reporter and producer, Mark Grimm takes you inside the heads of reporters, editors and producers to see how they think. This “insider’s view” unlocks secrets to understanding and helps formulate your plan to deal effectively with media.

Mark takes you step-by-step on how to handle a media call about bad news.
Who should handle the barrage of inquiries? How do you prepare? What do you say?

You receive the blueprint to build great media relationships. Positive relationships often generate positive press and can lessen the trouble when things go wrong.

“Media is not a threat, but rather an opportunity to further your message.”

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