Help to Find the Right Speaker

Finding the right speaker for your company or association can be nerve racking. No one wants to mess it up. But it is much easier if you choose someone with a strong tape, dazzling reviews and great speaking topics. Insist on those credentials up front and you are much more likely to become the office superstar!
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Media Insights from Ex-TV Anchor

The media can help or hurt you. There are secrets to more and
better media coverage and I will share them with you based on
decades of media experience. Whether you're a business
or nonprofit, let's tell your story better!
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Get "Super Power" For Speaking Anxiety

Speaking anxiety is very common, yet most people never get the right help. Don't you be one of them. With unique online or in-person coaching, you can be given a new "super power." Think of the difference that could make for your career and self esteem. Are you ready to transform your life?
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Must-see Advice for Candidates

The right advice can be the difference between winning or losing. I have managed political campaigns that have upset three longtime incumbents. My experience as an ex-TV anchor and radio host, statewide campaign manager, winning candidate and speaking/media coach can help. Let me coach you (online or in-person) to a big win!
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