"Training for Life"

"Mark’s training goes beyond helpful pointers. He works with you to develop a system for improved speaking I will use the rest of my life." – Jack Shellard, Founder/Yankee Business Solutions

"Enormous Asset"

"Mark understands media as well as anyone. His insights on today’s environment and what the future will bring are an enormous asset."
-- John Kelly, NY State Broadcasters' Hall of Famer

"Fantastic Presentation"

"Mark, the reaction to your presentation was fantastic! Your insightful comments were right on target." -- Dr. Ross Thomson, Networking Event Chair

Mark's Presentation/Training Topics

Landing the Job Takes A Plan: How to Dazzle Your Prospective Employer

Though we want our resumes to stand out, most people use the same old standard format. Does that make sense? Mark shows why leading with contact information is a mistake and why listing duties is the wrong approach.

You should have a specific plan for the job interview that has nothing to do with your membership in the high school chess club. Mark helps you produce the "proof" you are right for the job.

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