"Great Resource"

"Mark provided an excellent Platform Skills II program for our Talent Pool and would be a great resource if you're looking for a customized communication skills programs."
- Kay Champagne, NYS OASAS Trainer

"Coaching for Life"

"Mark's coaching goes beyond helpful pointers. He works with you to develop a system for improved speaking I will use the rest of my life." --- Jack Shellard, Founder/Yankee Business Solutions

"Invigorating Trainer"

"Mark's high energy and dynamic personality is invigorating and his enthusiasm for learning is contagious! He can captivate an audience of one or one hundred!
- Kim Gander, former President

"Fantastic Presentation"

"Mark, the reaction to your presentation was fantastic! Your insightful comments were right on target." -- Dr. Ross Thomson, Networking Event Chair

Corporate Communications Coaching & Training

Companies Are Burning Money: Are YOU One of Them?

Ever been to a boring business dinner --- a night of one poor speech after another?
Though your time and attention are valuable commodities, these "commodities" are routinely wasted. For corporate America, this is burning money.

Companies and nonprofits are often tone deaf when it comes to the value of better speaking.
Top executives routinely overrate their speaking skill and no subordinate is about to tell them otherwise.

A fortune has been invested in high-priced, brand-name firms who deliver cookie-cutter presentation training that has left us with the same problem --- boring dinners and boring meetings.

Being interesting is a skill and that skill will make you more money. Mark Grimm has the secret to beating your competition. His seminar/workshop can show you how to be more interesting...

...or you can keep burning money.

"Mark's training program for our branch managers was a great success. The activities were interactive, challenging and fun. I've since observed three attendees as emcees or main speakers. Each is much improved. I strongly recommend Mark to any person or organization interested in crafting a better image, a better brand or improving public speaking." --- Jay Stainsby, VP/Sales Leadership Development-Cetera Investors

"Mark was great to work. He's very approachable and tailored our program to fit our group's exact needs. Our members really enjoyed his workshop and each of them walked away with tangible, practical skills to incorporate into their professional roles." --- Marianne Reid, Former Asst. Director of Govt. Affairs/NYS Funeral Directors Association

A small business owner himself, Mark Grimm gets it. As a former TV news anchor and award-winning trainer, his background and expertise is focused on one thing --- fixing your communication or organizational development problem.

Improvements in these areas will make a difference:

Mr. Clarity Ends the Fog: Find Motivation with True Success
Why Most People Botch Their Elevator Speech!
Better Communication = Better Leadership
The Secrets for Embracing Change
Insider's Media Tips from the TV Anchor
How to Stand Out in a Crowd
Everyone Who Speaks for Your Company Can Be a Dynamic Speaker
Top Seven Secrets for Damage Control
Writing That Sizzles: Clear Writing in the Internet Age
What E-mail? How to Fix Internal Communication Problems

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