Susan Rice, Latham, NY

"Your seminar and book gave me the positive attitude I needed. It felt GREAT to overcome my fear and I have you and your book to thank."

Thomas Washington, Savannah, GA

"Great book! There's no fluff in it. It gets straight to the point."

Jerry Pucci, Ex Coach

"Terrific book. It should be used as a textbook in all public speaking classes."

Grimm Public Speaking Book

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"This is my guide book for all future presentations.
It's the most down-to-earth instruction guide I've ever read."
--- Brandi Michielsen, writer/speaker

How This Book Can Change Your Life!

Everyone Can Be A Dynamic Speaker: Yes, I Mean You! is an inspirational public speaking book will allow you to express yourself in a powerful way, with a confidence and polish that could truly change your life.

Question: Speaking books are a dime a dozen. Why choose this one?

This book is different because it places a special emphasis on how to deliver value to the audience. Most speaking books focus on what “I” should say or wear. But the audience wants to know, "what’s in it for me?"

Determine first what they want and deliver it in a compelling way. You'll learn how to prepare the right way, be more at ease, and wow the audience because you made it “about them.” That’s how you become dynamic!

This book is also a personal story of my own journey from nervous presenter to professional speaker. The path outlined in the book is the one I took myself.

Question: Can it really help me with my nerves?

Absolutely! Why go through life fearing every speaking occasion. There is a way to confront and overcome anxiety and this book shows you how.

Question: What does the author bring to the table?

The author is a former TV news anchor and award-winning trainer who once hid in the men's room when it was his turn to speak. His easy-to-read book features the step-by-step path he took from nervous presenter to paid speaker.

Question: What are some specific takeaways this book can deliver?

  • What steps to take to confront speaker anxiety
  • How to make presentations clearer
  • How to become more relevant to audiences
  • Exercises to become more "dynamic" and thought-provoking analysis of great speeches
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