Governor's Debate Prep

"Mark prepared me well for my New York Governor’s debate. The NY Times said I 'offered the most articulate responses' and the Buffalo News said I was 'bright and thoughtful.' said, 'Redlich won tonight’s NY Gov candidates’ debate.'
Mark’s unique insights on clarity and performance were essential to my success."
– Warren Redlich
NY Governor Candidate

"Enormous Asset"

"Mark understands media as well as anyone. His insights on today’s environment and what the future will bring are an enormous asset."
-- John Kelly, NY State Broadcasters' Hall of Famer

Albany Political Consulting

Mark Grimm has managed political campaigns that defeated three long-time incumbents. Could you use that kind of help?

Politics has plenty of people who give advice. Knowing how to win races is a much more precious commodity.

A consultant is much more likely to understand a candidate's needs (and frustrations) if he/she has been a candidate. Albany political consulting expert Mark Grimm's combined experience as journalist, six-time candidate, and statewide campaign manager allows him to connect with candidates and help them win.

Why spend a fortune on political mail and/or commercials without investing in message clarity, a candidate's communication skills, or seasoned campaign advice?


You're running for office because you have something important to say, but you need help nailing down the message, or with polishing your public speaking. Your spending on campaign mail and/or commercials is substanial, yet you've invested little in message strategy and discipline.


Using senior level experience in both politics and media, Mark can strengthen a candidate's message and communications skills, along with providing a seasoned hand to deal effectively with the campaign's many challenges. The likely result - better numbers on election day!

Success Stories:

1- In 2015 and 2019, Mark Grimm won by double digits in blue districts in the Albany County Legislature.

2- In 2009, a Rensselaer County Legislature candidate was the only member of his party to hold his seat in the Legislature. Mark managed the campaign.

3- In 2007, Mark Grimm was elected to the Guilderland Town Board.
He was the top vote getter in a race that unseated two entrenched incumbents, including the county's Democrat Co-Chair. The victory occurred without a penny of special interest or party money and without any minor party endorsement. Mark managed the campaign for himself and his successful running mate.

4- In 2005, a first-time candidate upset an eight-year incumbent in a Rensselaer County Legislature race despite a small budget and late start. The candidate was his party's top vote getter in all Troy races.
Mark Grimm served as campaign manager and senior counselor.

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