Susan Rice, Latham, NY

"Your seminar and book gave me the positive attitude I needed. It felt GREAT to overcome my fear and I have you and your book to thank for it."

Thomas Washington, Savannah, GA

"Great book! There's no fluff in it. It gets straight to the point."

Jerry Pucci, Ex Coach

"Terrific book. It should be used as a textbook in all public speaking classes."
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Grimm Public Speaking Book - Table of Contents

    Part One: Grasp the Fundamentals

    What Makes Someone Dynamic?
    Rule One: It’s Not About You, It’s About Them
    Know Your Audience
    Confront the Fear
    Earn Their Attention
    Punch Up the Introduction
    Have the Right Attitude

    Part Two: Your Step-by-Step Plan

    Step One – Keys to Preparing Well
    Step Two – Make Your Outline
    Step Three – Crack the Wall
    Step Four – Slides That Sizzle
    Step Five – Style Counts
    Step Six – Make Your Voice Work for You
    Step Seven – Mind Practice
    Step Eight – Anxiety Blasters
    Step Nine – Nonverbal Communication
    Step 10 - Observe and Respond to the Audience
    Step 11 - Keep Them Engaged
    Step 12 - Use the Right Humor
    Step 13 - Practice Makes Perfect

    Part Three: Strengthen Your Craft

    Learn from Good Speeches
    Session Exercises That Help
    A Talk with Some Pros
    What the Audience Can Teach You
    Sample Evaluation Form
    This is Your Moment

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