Susan Rice, Latham, NY

"Your seminar and book gave me the positive attitude I needed. It felt GREAT to overcome my fear and I have you and your book to thank for it."

Thomas Washington, Savannah, GA

"Great book! There's no fluff in it. It gets straight to the point."

Jerry Pucci, Ex Coach

"Terrific book. It should be used as a textbook in all public speaking classes."
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Grimm Public Speaking Book Introduction

Everyone can get better at public speaking. It is a skill, and an art, with no ceiling. Whether you are just getting started or have made hundreds of speeches, your best speech lies ahead of you…

…if you are dedicated and humble enough to want to get better, that is.

No one disputes the value of improved public speaking. It builds confidence, enriches relationships, and raises your profile in a positive way that can advance your cause, lead to better jobs or more business. Yet exceptional public speakers compose just a fraction of the general public. Unlike major league sports, where you have to be tall, fast, or possess some other innate athletic gift, or showbiz, where a wonderful voice or movie-star looks give those competing a leg up, dynamic speaking is open to everyone.

Yes, I mean you, too!

You may feel you just don’t have the right personality, or looks, or background, to be a great speaker. Those are not the things holding you back. You are held back by your own limited expectations. The first hurdle is to believe in yourself. As awful as that knot in your stomach feels when you get up to speak, it can be overcome. As difficult as it is to produce clarity and relevance out of a ton of information, it can be done. And even if you think you are already pretty good at public speaking, you can get a lot better.

The good news is you do not have to do it alone.

This easy-to-read book demonstrates how better public speaking is the result of a strong focus on the audience, good preparation, training, experience, and confronting the anxiety that holds speakers back. It will show you how to lessen your anxiety, allow you to make presentations more precise, relevant, and more likely to achieve your objectives as a speaker...and provide a little fun!

The book has three parts. Part one focuses on the fundamentals of good speechmaking, an understanding vital to getting really good at it. Part two provides a step-by-step plan which is a practical nuts-and-bolts guide. Part three offers analysis and methods to take you to the next level using the path the pros take.

When I began my public speaking training business many years ago, I thought the large pool of poor speakers would be my best prospects. As it turns out, my clients are usually good speakers. They’re skilled because they fully appreciate the value of good public speaking and they want the edge --- the difference between being good and being great.

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